We Will Always Have Cambridge…

Dearest chaps & chapesses, I am in a bit of a quandary. As Secret Diary Of PorterGirl approaches its third anniversary, I find myself with genuine concerns for the future of the blog. Long time readers will know that the blog started as the semi-fictional diary of Deputy Head Porter entering the strange new world of Old College for the very first time. It then continued, like a blog soap opera, with regular episodes chronicling the increasingly dramatic events among the academic elite. There were video and even musical interludes, but by and large it has been a blog dedicated to the never-evolving world of Deputy Head Porter and her unusual companions within the University bubble. We have solved murders, investigated art thefts and even embarked upon a quest for the Holy Grail (now being used by The Dean to hold paperclips).

Old College has provided the backdrop for love, laughter and untimely death and there is now a little part of the blogosphere that shall forever be a bastion of being just that little bit more British than everywhere else. But now our bowler hatted friends have made their way into print, the likelihood of this blog continuing in the manner to which we have become accustomed is starting to look inconceivable. Understandably, the publisher would prefer that brand new material not be so readily and completely available to all and sundry – which rather puts the kibosh on the next adventure that I had planned to run on this blog. Annoyingly, this means that we won’t find out what happened to Head Porter, nor will we learn the truth about the Music Professor. Well – we will, but you will have to wait for me to write the book.


So no more online PorterGirl adventures – what really is this blog without the shenanigans of our Old College heroes? Should I write sporadically about other things with occasional updates on the books? Or put the damn thing out of its misery while it still has a bit of class about it? I didn’t start blogging with the intention of sharing my thoughts and opinions, it really was just a vehicle for the Secret Diary. Also, being very much a Mr Ben-type myself (readers of a certain age will catch my drift), having accomplished my goal of becoming a published author (with at least two more books to write), I now find myself looking towards other enterprises. Perhaps even harboring a new, secret ambition… But I have grown to love blogging and writing so very much. Of course, the Who Shot Tony Blair? blog will be online very shortly, which will scratch that particular itch. But as for PorterGirl – what next?

We will always have Cambridge…



Buy this. Oh, go on.



  1. Oh no! How did I miss this post? (Damn silly early mornings and news schools 😔). I do hope you keep things going in some capacity because as much as I’m enjoying your book I’ve also rather enjoyed becoming acquainted with you!
    Whichever direction you decide to take the blog, I’m sure it will be wonderful, even if you only post once a year 😉

    1. Don’t worry, I have worked it out since then – I don’t want to leave either, it’s a lot of fun and the comments section is always better than the actual posts! Thanks Haylee – I am rather pleased we are blog buddies too!! 😀

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