Who Shot Tony Blair? – The Trailer

I shall take a short break from banging on about my book – PorterGirl : First Lady Of The Keys available on pre-order here – to bring you a quick update on brand new project, Who Shot Tony Blair?

Preparations for the filming of the trailer are continuing apace and we are amassing a fabulous cast of Cabinet members and extras, not to mention securing a very swish location in which to film. My technical team are mainly German so I am expecting an efficient and well-ordered shoot. Possibly.


Not the real Tony Blair. But it’s probably the sort of thing he would do.


Those of you who have kindly offered to appear via ‘video link’ – I haven’t forgotten you, I will be in touch soon about your contributions. And for anyone else with nothing better to do on the afternoon of Saturday 27th August, we always have room for people who are able to look delighted, shocked and confused – not necessarily in that order and probably not all at once. There will certainly be tea and biscuits. Anyone who comes along is of course automatically invited to the wrap party afterwards, which isn’t going to be half as glamorous as it sounds.

I shall resume my pestering about buying my book shortly, in the meantime have a chat among yourselves. Or something.



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