That’s All, Folks! (For Now)

Head Porter got the girl but it’s not a case of happy endings all round – where is Head Porter?

The answers to this and many more questions (for example – who ate the cake?) will be revealed when we return once more to Old College for yet another highly unlikely adventure. Quite when that will be, I wouldn’t like to say. These things take time, you know.

In the meantime,  I am very excited to be working with BAFTA actor (and great friend) Paul Butterworth once again. It is an unrelated project but the results may well sneak onto this blog. As much as I love writing PorterGirl, the opportunity to explore other avenues is always a delight.


Paul Butterworth – phwoor! Right, ladies?


There is also the new book, of course – well, just don’t ask about that. If there is one sure way to suck the joy out of anything you love, it is to do it professionally. But still we progress. Here’s a plan – when it comes out, don’t buy it, that way I won’t have to write any more.

00 lucy 8

Don’t ask about the book, right?

For some reason I have got it into my head that I simply must read James Joyce’s Finnegans Wake from beginning to end. I have made my way through Book One and it is certainly keeping me out of mischief. This will likely be my one and only book review, so keep an eye out for that.

For now, though, please enjoy this video of Americans making me say rude words…


Writers Off Task With Friends – and PorterGirl Lucy Brazier!




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