A Call To Action!

Good day to you all, dear friends of Old College, I hope this post finds you well. I rarely deviate from all things PorterGirl on my blog as you well know – but this is really important. Not least because it concerns one of our very own; Susan Price from a blog many of you will know well – The Portugal Years.

Susan was an early reader and great supporter of PorterGirl and I have long enjoyed her tales of her time in Lusitania. I am humbled to say that she has become a dear friend. I find myself quite helpless to assist her in any other way than to offer my support and to ask any and all who can to do the same.

Susan is battling cancer and she needs our help. A GoFundMe page has been set up and you can find it here. I know that she would also appreciate your prayers, should you be so inclined.

Please like, share, say a prayer or do whatever you can to please help this very special lady. Don’t buy my book – support Susan’s battle. There will be other books but there can never be another Susan.

Thank you xx



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