Lucy’s Secrets: PorterGirl Lucy Brazier Tells All In This Revealing Interview

A totally great and not-boring-at-all interview with my good self…

Dan Alatorre - AUTHOR

(I tried to make that headline sound like The Globe or The National Enquirer, since Lucy is British. Did it work?)

Dan's pic Your humble host.

Lucy Brazier is a friend of the blog and author of the very popular Secrets of PorterGirl blog and book – soon to be a traditionally published book series. She recently did a guest blog post for us about videos and signed a three-book deal with her publisher. (The way I wrote that, it sounds like the guest blog post had something to do with the publisher deal, which it didn’t, but I’m happy to let the confusion stand.)

A very funny and multi-talented lady, Lucy decided to let me interview her (after much begging on my part) and shed a little light on networking, publishing, and writing, as well as creating a character she writes in the blog and books and plays onscreen in her…

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