Lucy’s Secrets: PorterGirl Lucy Brazier Tells All In This Revealing Interview

A totally great and not-boring-at-all interview with my good self…

Dan Alatorre

(I tried to make that headline sound like The Globe or The National Enquirer, since Lucy is British. Did it work?)

Dan's pic Your humble host.

Lucy Brazier is a friend of the blog and author of the very popular Secrets of PorterGirl blog and book – soon to be a traditionally published book series. She recently did a guest blog post for us about videos and signed a three-book deal with her publisher. (The way I wrote that, it sounds like the guest blog post had something to do with the publisher deal, which it didn’t, but I’m happy to let the confusion stand.)

A very funny and multi-talented lady, Lucy decided to let me interview her (after much begging on my part) and shed a little light on networking, publishing, and writing, as well as creating a character she writes in the blog and books and plays onscreen in her…

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