Advent Calendar Day 15: Christmas: The Perfect Excuse For A Fight? by Lucy Brazier

I took part in the brilliant Advent Calendar series over at Solveig Werner’s blog… here are my thoughts on why Christmas could be the perfect time to start a fight…

Solveig Werner

Number 15

Christmas: The Perfect Excuse For A Fight? by Lucy Brazier

It seems to me that for a time of year supposedly celebrating peace on earth, Christmas is remarkably conducive to conflict. Families that haven’t spoken all year are thrown together for the annual exercise of teeth-gritting and tongue-biting. The disagreements over ‘tradition’ – are sprouts a festive essential or the work of the devil? The forced amiability of the office Christmas party, where you are surrounded by people you have hated all year and are unlikely to feel any more warmly towards just because it is Jesus’ birthday. And the violent scrums at the checkouts are surely the least Christian thing a person could witness all year.

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  1. You make some good points, Lucy (especially about the pushy shoppers, the commercialism, the prickly coworkers, and the “loving” families!) Perhaps that’s why we NEED a little Christmas?!?

    1. This was written with tongue very firmly in cheek – but it does frustrate me that the real sentiments behind the season have been lost. We do need a little of the Christmas spirit in our lives.

    1. Aha I must pop and look! The sprouts discussion one of the great debates of mankind. They really suit me! I wish I could wear them all the time xx

    2. There are only a scant few veggies I don’t eat. Brussels Sprouts are one – though my friends have tried their best by fixing them various ways for me to taste – ever more dreadful to my taste buds. I truly wish they’d simply take them off the menu completely! I can’t abide the things, and I do so hate to be rude.

    3. I know exactly what you mean. It is law in our family that everyone has to eat at least one on Christmas day. My brother and I dig out one tiny one each, while mum and nan scoff the big fat ones! Xx

    4. My mother eventually gave up – she was the only one in our family who could stand the horrid things.

      My dad won the lima bean war. Even though none us liked those much either, my brothers would eat them under duress, the traitors.

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