PorterGirl – The Hidden Diaries (Part One)

A chance conversation with Kevin from newauthoronline yesterday prompted me to search out an old post for him that I thought he might enjoy. He discovered that the post in question was password protected, as it seems are a handful of older posts.

This occurred due to some general unpleasantness between myself and a certain educational establishment and I felt the need to restrict some posts that were either too close to real events or that could be deemed too controversial.

No such constraints restrict me now, so in the spirit of the festive season I shall re-issue some of these for your enjoyment. The first of these is the post I found for Kevin, The Lost Night. It follows an episode where Deputy Head Porter and The Dean get uproariously drunk together (I forget the reason why) and each has no memory of the event. Due to popular reader demand, I finally wrote the details of that fateful evening…


The Lost Night


    1. I think so – the ‘hidden’ ones were all fairly early on. Even I can’t remember what prompted this effort. And I had completely forgotten declaring my love for The Dean.

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