Halloween Special – Tales Of Cambridge Terror!


Join me and Alex ‘The Dark’ Knight from 8pm on The Eclipse Mix tonight for super scary stories from in and around Cambridge.



Recoil in terror at the tale of The Green Lady!

Scream at stories of mysterious student suicides!

Wee your pants at the hideous haunting of the Newmarket Road… penguin? (No, really)

All this and more on Halloween Night. Click here to listen.

Missed it? No worries – listen again on catch-up here


  1. I have missed the fun of Eclipse Mix! Rats. The little goblins were out in force here, luckily I was ready with the treats! re the state of the world, thankfully the parents were hovering nearby as this is the world we live in. Pity. 😦 Thank you for the uplifting tales Porter Girl, love them! ❤

    1. The good thing is the show is available online to listen to on catch up. Although – it was so spine-tinglingly scary that no one should listen to it ever! Hurrah for the little goblins – I am sure they earned their treats 🙂 My pleasure – I am pleased you find them uplifting!

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