Parting Is Such Sweet Sorrow

So there we have it – the resolution of Footsteps Of The Templar, from both the point of view of our dear Deputy Head Porter and also that of emerging online sensation, Terry the cat. Phew.

I had all but forgotten the details of the Holy Grail adventure, until I compiled all the posts into a complete collection to send to my fellow adventurer and co-writer, the notorious Professor VJ Duke. It wasn’t too bad at all, was it? I particularly liked the puzzles. But then I would say that.

I note that I am once again in the unenviable position of being ‘without Bursar’. This keeps happening and I am not entirely sure why. Okay – I realise that I keep killing them off or, in this instance, trapping them in dungeons (he’s probably dead. But don’t rule out a dramatic return if I run out of ideas). It escapes me as to why – the handful of Bursars I have come across in real life I have liked very much, so why I insist on giving them such gruesome endings is beyond me. Still, I need another Bursar. Any suggestions as to the particulars of the new Bursar shall be gratefully received, but please keep in mind that they probably won’t make it to the end of the series. A bit like Sean Bean really, in every film he has ever been in. Hey – Sean Bean could be the new Bursar… Hmmm…

Me and Terry. We loves you lots. Mwah!

Me and Terry. We loves you lots. Mwah!

In the new series of Secret Diary Of PorterGirl, the reputation of the Old College choir is in jeopardy, a major character meets their soul-mate whilst another becomes the victim of a sustained (yet strangely hilarious) hate campaign. I can’t promise another wedding by the end, but there will be the usual mix of danger, nonsense and mystery to accompany rather uncharacteristic moments of romance and musical interludes.

In the meantime, the immediate future holds for me adventures in galaxies far, far away so please excuse my absence from the blogosphere whilst I attempt to get a tan and in all likelihood get very fat. For those unfortunate enough to be ensnared as one of my Facebook friends – I apologise in advance for the flurry of largely inappropriate photographs that will no doubt grace my profile in the coming days and weeks.

For those that are interested, the book is doing rather nicely and gentle pressure is being applied for me to attend book and literary fairs… in actual person. Eek. If anyone knows of any good ones near them, please do let me know.

It's the book. You can buy it by clicking on it. Go on, you know you want. to.

It’s the book. You can buy it by clicking on it. Go on, you know you want to.

I really need to get a wriggle on with the second book in the series, in fact, which is hopefully going to be released in Spring 2016. Keep those fingers crossed.

In the meantime – keep up the good work, remember to brush your teeth and if you can’t be good – be careful.

Lucy x


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