Secret Diary of PorterGirl—AVAILABLE NOW!

A fine interview covering such diverse topics as the book I really hate to what The Dean likes to eat… unmissable, surely!

The Punchy Lands!

PF, there is this very special occasion that I just must announce:

The professor’s good friend, Lucy Brazier, just published a book! (You can find her here on Twitter and here on Facebook.)received_10202985369275459

Now, check out this trailer, if you please:

Lucy dropped by TPL Studios this week for a special interview.



Many thanks and then some for being here, Lucy! Let’s get this vicious show started.

PROFESSOR VJ DUKE:Secret Diary of PorterGirl is just brilliant. I remember the first few times I read those blog stories, and I have to say, it wasn’t long before I’d fallen in love with the characters. The Dean, Head Porter, Head of Catering… Now, here’s the thing, are those characters based on any real persons? I know, for example, that most of TPL’s characters are, in fact, based on real people—living and dead! What about PG characters? 


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