Guest Post: Secret Diary Of Porter Girl – How It All Began

Kevin over at newauthoronline asked me to tell his readers a little about the origins of Secret Diary and the adventures of Old College. They certainly are a friendly bunch over there, with some fascinating writer. Thank you, Kevin, it has been great to meet you and your esteemed followers!

K Morris - Poet

Many thanks to the author of “Secret Diary Of Porter Girl” for the below guest post. If you haven’t visited her blog then you are missing out on much laughter and high jinks.


realDHPSecret Diary Of a Porter Girl began life, believe it or not, as a secret diary. It didn’t stay secret for very long, I’ll grant you, but sometime ago on a website far, far away I took to my laptop to share with close friends and family my exciting new adventure into the world of British academia.

After serving with Her Majesty’s Constabulary for seven years I decided that I rather fancied a quieter life and when I saw a job advertised for Deputy Head Porter at one of the most famous colleges in Cambridge, it struck me as imperative that I apply. Becoming the first female Deputy Head Porter in the College’s illustrious history was something…

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    1. There are some things that really happened that will never make it into the tales of Old College, out of respect for those involved. But then, there are other things involving people I have absolutely no respect for and those things will definitely find their way onto these pages! 😀

    2. X-D I’m reading the full article… so when you were sixteen, there was no compulsory-attendance-until-eighteen law? That’s what it looks like in the USA… It actually set my education back a year. I finished high school when I was barely 17, but after attending college until I turned 18, my education had to be shelved for a year due to lack of funds. Is there a similar law in the UK?

    3. Nope, when I was a youngster you could leave school at 16, no questions asked, and head out into the big wide world. I believe (but am not entirely sure as have lost touch with such things) that the limit has been raised to 17, but could possibly be 18. I am pretty sure that no one can leave at 16 unless it is to do an apprenticeship or similar. Ah, the good old days!

    1. My pleasure! I don’t think I have ever properly laid down the true background so it was probably about time that I did. The blog covers fairly accurately my early days in the role but after that, it all becomes a bit of a blur!

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