1. Vey good…I take it the all star cast is your good self and colleagues that have much time upon their hands and cannot pass up the opportunity for some fun 😇

    1. Well the bowler proper suits you indeed…is this normal attire when, say, popping into the supermarket ?

      And fun indeed should ne’er be passed over 😊

    2. Thank you kindly! It is normal attire for a College Porter certainly and I must say that I like wearing it rather a little too much 😉

    3. Most welcome indeed and it gives you a rather zany look if I do say so myself….I don’t think I’ve seen a lady in a bowler hat before 🤔

    4. You know, I never would have guessed you had a penchant for hats 🕵🏻
      Have to say I’m enjoying your blog too…so glad I followed up on your like of a post I made…madness is a wonderful thing…not that I’m calling you mad as such…but I’ll let you into a secret, all the best people are…. 🙃

    5. I am so pleased! Thank you 🙂 I have long since accepted I am batshit crazy, it’s just the way I am wired up 😉 I am delighted that you followed up my like. Gaining crazy new friends is always a joy 😀

    6. Acceptance of ones foibles is always best. Self empowerment as it were…although for some reason I rather like madder than a box of frogs…an expression I heard recently..not sure why a box of frogs might be mad but there’s just something about it that kind of works 🤔 I have to admit this discourse is trending toward old friends already…well, not so much old..old..as in aged…more known you ages type of thing…blogging is weird in that respect 🙃

    7. I suppose, given tech is entering the automotive industry at a rate of knots then extrapolation into eventual AI and self aware lorries, might indeed at some point find them getting mad 🤔 Although, as my youngest is keen to point out…airing grievance at inanimate objects is rather fruitless and rarely pursuaded things to start working again…mad as a Hatter I can work with though 😊

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