A Place Unseen

And The Bursar watched from a place unseen, the affectionate bickering and ribald banter as much of a mystery to him now as it had been upon his arrival.

The British are so inconsistent in their communications. They are either so ridiculously repressed as to be incapable of expressing themselves, or they are mercilessly teasing those most dear to them. They are fools, fools.

As The Bursar watched and listened, thoughts flashed and flared like lasers on mirrors. With a mind that sharp he must take care not to cut himself.

She is pestering him now, The Dean, she wants to take a holiday. He wants a change of scene also… perhaps they will be travelling companions?


That would suit my plans most comfortably. Once their interest is captivated they will lead me straight to it, of that I have no doubt. Such is their penchant for adventure.

But the other one… the friend of The Dean. He has proved himself to be most dangerous. He protects her even though she is nothing but a College servant. He must be kept at bay. At all costs.

And The Bursar remained in the place unseen and smiled to himself in the dark. His countrymen will welcome him once again once he has found it. He can return home.


And then this tiresome charade will finally be over. 


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