Be My Valentine?

It can be a rough and tumble world out there and a little bit of love helps it turn all the smoother. They say that there is someone out there for everyone and I for one hope that this is true. Not least because Valentines Day is almost upon us and it is a time when the mind turns to ruminating matters of the heart.

Looking for love

Looking for love

Which brings me to my point. Terry is a playful, affectionate cat with great hunting skills and would like to meet a like-minded lady cat with a good sense of humour for fun and friendship, maybe more. All genuine replies answered.

Aside from that, I would like to express my warm and fuzzy feelings for all you good people who drop by to look in on Old College from time to time. It just wouldn’t be the same without you.




  1. I love cats! Unfortunately, I’m allergic–not seriously, but enough that I can’t have one living indoors with me–to them as well, so I’m going to just have to lavish love on friends’ cats for the rest of my life…

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