1. Loving the photos – have pinned a couple to my Blogs and Bloggers Board. Searched for you and you have two other Pinterest admirers. You really must develop a Board – followers build quickly, clicks are quick. Pins from your blog auto-link back, which will help drive traffic (which will help sell books).

    Bossy, ain’t I?

    1. You’re welcome. I hope it helps a bit, reader-wise.

      I investigated Pinterest quite a few years before I actually used it – a couple of boards that languished unfilled. I didn’t get it either. I’m a word person – and I really hate social media, *especially* FaceBook.

      Then I discovered that a few people were pinning the images on some of my posts – and people were coming to ADDandSoMuchMORE.com from those images. So I investigated again and decided to set up a few boards as an experiment – then a few more, whenever I thought a board became unwieldy – and the format grew on me.

      I got a bit obsessed during a couple of periods when I was essentially housebound and appreciated mindless entertainment. I pinned decorating ideas when I was setting up my new apartment. I’m a Christmas nut, so it was perfect for decorating delights. I added the Shih Tzu boards when I was looking for a breeder — which is essentially what led me to my little TinkerToy. I set up my Gluten-free boards when I needed to learn a new way to cook.

      It’s easier to search for an image than to set up a bookmark file, so I use it to track articles on blogs I want to revisit. Etc. And you don’t end up drowning in email marketing from your followers (like LinkedIn — heaven help us ALL!)

      Now I pin only occasionally, and my followers sort of grow themselves. You could pin your videos, btw – which could be watched from within Pinterest – and you can edit your own captions. You can also set it up to auto-post to your FaceBook page from any new articles you post.

      It’s worth a look as part of the support for your upcoming book campaign.

  2. Hi my dear friend, it has been awhile since I visited your page and the stories of old college. Will have to catch up with all of them. Btw, belated happy birthday to you.

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