The Sofa Kings

I was asked recently about my musical leanings and had to confess to my involvement with legendary studio band, The Sofa Kings. We formed by accident in about 2007, when a group of us regularly spent far too much time hanging around recording studios, not doing very much. Well. Some of us were supposed to be doing things, but more often than not we were waiting for other things to happen first. Anyway, to pass the time, we formed a band and recorded some bad songs. This is our first ever recording, complete with zero-budget video. The song is called ‘A Vicar Books Into A Hotel’. The video was filmed on a Flip HD camera and edited in a lunchtime on iMovie. From the album ‘Sofa King Far, Sofa King Good’ this is probably the only song suitable to share with my esteemed audience. I hope your curiosity is satisfied.


The Sofa Kings – Jimbo, Phil Nasty, Moogle, Zombieboy and the artist currently known as PorterGirl. Recorded and produced at Vertical Rooms, Cambridge, England.


    1. Unbelievable, right? We still get together occasionally to play nonsense. But we tend not to inflict it upon others, if we can 😉

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