1. Maybe there are some nice ones, I am not sure. If I gave them muffins they might be nice. Burning to death is pretty grim, certainly. And drowning. Drowning freaks me out as well.

    1. Indeed. Resident ghosts… hmm. I seem to remember going to a place that they said was haunted, but I was okay with it. The only thing that made me uncomfortable was taking a shower…

    2. My house is apparently haunted by a woman with a withered foot, although I have never seen her. If she wants to haunt me when I’m in the shower, she will probably be more frightened than me! Especially if I am singing haha

    3. X-P I’m sorry, I probably laughed harder at that than I should have…
      In the shower… I’m always creeped out by hotel showers anyway. 😛 All hotel showers are haunted! 😛 And have poor water pressure to boot.

    4. It’s the water pressure that does it, certainly. I know what you mean – going into a ‘strange’ shower is a little unsettling. I feel a bit vulnerable, somehow.

    5. Yes… I’d pick staying at a friend’s house to staying at a hotel any day.
      I’m currently working on an adventure novel with a contemporary setting… I am not sure where to go next… should I have the secret agent kidnap my main character before or after he runs out on the scientist’s program???

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