1. Why do colleges always have to have a ghost? I just got an email from CollegeXpress (probably an American thing) telling about the hauntings on other campuses. -_- Is this a prestige thing?!
    Oh, and I have no idea how the dresser could have gotten up against the door.

    1. Old College (and the others in The City) are all centuries old, so I suppose it is only natural that a few occupants choose to stay on after they shuffle off the morttal coil. But they do seem to be a ‘badge of honour’ in the world of academia, I cannot think why.

      It was a mystery. And a little unsettling, I don’t mind admitting.

    2. πŸ™‚ It happens…
      Yes, I am kind of torn between making one of those fitted type jackets with lapels and everything… one of the things on my ‘someday” wishlist is a nice leather bomber jacket. (I tried to sneakily borrow Dad’s, but it had his stuff in the pockets, and I didn’t want to scoop it out and leave it all in a mess, so I gave up on the attempt. πŸ˜› Besides, way too big for me.)

    3. Haha! Erin, you are so funny. I have a ridiculous collection of leather jackets, I cannot resist them. I have sensible ones too, but mainly leather ones. I bought myself a couple years ago, which led my Mum and Nan to take it upon themselves to buy me one for every birthday and Christmas since. My jackets need their own house πŸ™‚

    4. πŸ˜› I wish I could do that… I mainly make cloaks, and collect patterns πŸ˜› But then I started to tease Iris about her and her combat boots, and she responded by starting to borrow her dad’s leather jacket, and long story short, I got jacket envy πŸ˜›

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