What Happens Next

With the mystery of the vanishing portrait now happily resolved, I am of a mind to consider the next happenings for the Old College collective. There are currently two possible avenues of adventure tugging at my little grey cells and I cannot decide which I like best. I am leaning towards the least controversial of the two, but time will tell.

I am still undecided as to the ultimate fate of The Dean, but his fans can be assured that he will remain a prominent character one way or another. Besides, I don’t think he would let me get rid of him even if I wanted to. There is the shady character of the new Bursar to welcome within the College walls, and the highly anticipated return of prank-loving student Hershel and his young companions.

Another undecided factor is the style in which the stories are written. Looking back over my initial notes for The Vanishing Lord, I realised that using first-person-present-tense is possibly the least effective method for telling a detailed and complex tale. It made me rather humpty to realise that I should have just published my notes as they convey are far more colourful version of the events than I have been able to reproduce here. Still, at least this narrative had notes. The previous ramblings were made up as I went along. So I am making progress of sorts.

To experiment with a new style (and to end the ferocious conjecture of what actually happened between Deputy Head Porter and The Dean) I will write an account of that now infamous drunken night in The Dean’s rooms. Just for fun, it will probably be a members only post and most likely titled The Lost Night. But don’t hold me to it. Practice makes perfect, so any suggestions for stand-alone short stories about our favourite academic establishment are very welcome. My door, as they say, is always open.

In the meantime, I have some off-line bits and bobs I really should turn my attention to before launching headlong into the next PorterGirl venture and I rather fancy a change of scenery as well. So perhaps a little travel is in order. But I will be back before you know it.

Do try not to miss me too much.



  1. Yes! Herschel is coming back! X-D And I wonder what the new Bursar will do… I just finished “That Hideous Strength” and loved it–I’m wondering if the new Bursar at Old College will be as oblivious as the one in the book! 😛
    The Dean is remaining a character–hip! Hip! Hooray! *throws my hat in the air and it lands on Connor, who just looks bewildered*

  2. Controversy is “in” so go for that avenue. First person is what I prefer (as a confessional poet) but I do get into trouble quite often from being so truthful. Whatever you decide will be a treat 🙂

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