Devil’s Advocate

By default, I have had to deviate from the usual proceedings of Old College to announce that this is indeed the 99th post of Secret Diary Of PorterGirl. Obviously logic dictates that the next post will be number 100 and therefore should be something a little special.

But what to deliver that can possibly live up to such an occasion?


There is something.

There are numerous posts available only to members of Old College. Things that are considered a little too revealing for public consumption, like the post that launched a thousand lawsuits (not literally, this is supposed to be fiction, remember?)

Even before the unprecedented attention of that post, there was a scribbling that even I deemed to be too close to reality to be published. Now is as good a time as any.

Not a member? You know what to do.


    1. Some of the posts (in the Old College – Members Only section) are password protected. I will leave the password in a random comment on your blog if you don’t mind deleting it afterwards?

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