1. WELL! We can’t say we weren’t warned now, can we? Porno. But that Head Porter is quite a bit kinkier than I suspected. Beastiality – oh my.

    Pretending he was dreaming was a disgraceful bit of denial (especially since that poor bear didn’t seem at all eager to participate in his lewd and tawdry acts). And to think that he might have been expecting PorterGirl to … no, I simply will not put it into words!

    1. Haha! This was a bit of a moment of madness, I can’t quite remember what inspired this episode but it was a lot of fun to make. I feel very sorry for Big Ted, who didn’t deserve this kind of treatment. However he was a consummate professional and never uttered a word of complaint!

    2. I can reassure you that Head Porter was clothes at all times – thank goodness! As for my outfit, I have a collection a catsuits that I wear frequently. This is one of my favourites as it is surprisingly lightweight and comfortable. I have some less kinky ones, you will be pleased to hear 🙂

    3. LESS kinky? No, my dear, you misunderstand.

      Had we been born closer in age (and on the same side of the pond) we could have gotten dressed up and gone out cattin’ together. I had a fondness for clothing just a tad outre myself. The look doesn’t age well, I’m afraid – go crazy while you can. I certainly did.

      Well of COURSE Head Porter remained clothed, the rake – but the bear?

    4. Haha if only we were not separated by time and distance we could have been the very best of friends! Out maraudering and looking fabulous. My days of being too outrageous are fairly numbered but I plan not to give it up until I absolutely have to.
      Ah, Big Ted was wearing nothing but a scarf, the naughty thing. I really should knit him some trousers.

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