The Serial Killers Club

The Serial Killers Club is a bit of an unusual name for a social circle within the Police, I’ll grant you. But all the same, I was part of this club during my time in uniform and I am reliably informed that it is still going strong.

We never actually killed anyone, of course. It was, at best, an intellectual review and appreciation of heinous crimes of past, present and future, from fiction, real life and our own surprisingly graphic imaginations. At worst it was a bitter and twisted debate of what ingenious and increasingly dramatic ways we would dispatch with those unfortunates who had crossed our paths that particular day.

Now, don’t look so shocked. You know as well as I do that there are times when each and every one of us thinks (however fleetingly) how much they would really like to do away with an annoying colleague, customer or casual acquaintance. We just took it to a whole new creative level. Honestly, the variety and ingenuity of some of our convoluted plots were so complex and bizarre that they would baffle the likes of even Poirot, Sherlock and Colombo. Even if all three of them were working together. And we gave them clues. My good friend Wonderland (as she was so known) was particularly adept and inventive at this peculiar pastime. I was more concerned about how to get away with the crime, whilst she was mainly focused on the execution. So to speak.

Anyway, these past discussions have proved to be very fertile feeding ground for my own dastardly plots. Literary plots, of course. So inspiring have I found these macabre memories that I am even considering shoe-horning one into this blog, somehow. I think it may be the excessive exposure to Agatha Christie recently but I feel I’m rather in the mood for a who-dunnit.

23 thoughts on “The Serial Killers Club

  1. Nice, Lucy! I’m interested.

    1. Thanks! This blog isn’t my only project. Maybe one day I will put my other work online 🙂

    2. What do you mean by that? I’m intrigued!

    3. Aha! I am sure all will be revealed before too long 😉

    4. I’ll roar if you don’t tell me!

    5. Haha – I shall drop you an email shortly, my dear Professor!

  2. Let’s play murder…
    Sorry, I just love BBC’s Sherlock, it’s an obsession really.
    For a murder… ooh, it’s hard to say. This is more fun than Cluedo, all right. ;-P
    What about Father Brown mysteries? Have you read any perchance? Your writing style reminds me of those just a tad.

    1. I have not heard of Father Brown, I must say. My favourites are Poirot and Endeavour, but of course I love Sherlock too. There was this really cheesey series called ‘Lovejoy’ which was on in the late 80s / early 90s. Love watching repeats of that 🙂

    2. I like the Father Brown stories, but they’re generally shorter and more dramatic, with a bigger point to make, than the Sherlock Holmes ones. And I’m obsessed with BBC’s Sherlock…
      Do you read the Lord Peter Wimsey mysteries?

    3. I will have to check out Father Brown! I don’t know who Lord Peter Wimsey is, either. I’m not really so well read!

    4. I haven’t read any Agatha Christie mysteries, though. 😉 Lord Peter Wimsey appears in Dorothy Sayers’s novels.

    5. I shall have to keep an eye out for Lord Peter Wimsey! Super name, too.

    6. Indeed! The family motto is “I follow my Wimsey!” Isn’t that the best?

    7. That is awesome! Also – *interesting fact* – the composer of the PorterGirl theme (from The Head Porter Chronicles) was trained by David Arnold – the composer of the Sherlock score (among other things)

    8. Cool! X-D I think mentorship is such an amazing idea, it’s a pity we don’t see it more often! I mean, wouldn’t it be awesome to be the protege of Tolkien or John Flanagan or Brian Jacques or C.S. Lewis or C.S. Forester? If I was in music I would absolutely love to be mentored by John Williams or Howard Shore or Hans Zimmer.

    9. Mentoring is fairly popular over here and apprentices are actively encouraged, which is very cool

    10. I wish it was the approach they took in America as well. It helps to have some one-on-one instruction.

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