1. Well this was fun! I have long said — but never before in print – and in a venue that will outlive me by centuries ::gulp:: — that British theatrical training must be far superior to most of what we have here in the States. It is extremely rare to see a British theatrical whose acting skills are sub-par – and most are truly excellent. [Good job Paul Butterworth!]

    I’m loathe to speak ill of those fortunate American actors who are actually employed, but seriously – have you SEEN American TV? 🙂

    But then again, I’m assuming that American directors and producers are casting people with acting training – and that just might be a fallacious assumption.

    1. Oh, we have our fair share of poor actors, believe me! But I have to say that in general the standard is pretty high over here but not being of that persuasion I couldn’t tell you why that might be. I am particularly lucky to work with the very talented and experienced Paul Butterworth, he is such a sweetie!

    2. Paul started dating an old friend of mine and she brought him to a few parties and we instantly became great friends and collaborators!

    3. I am one of those rare readers who not only comments, but actually clicks provided links and comments there, when possible – so I have now visited Paul’s resume page as well as your informative video production post on Dan’s site. Thanks!

      Nice to know the back-story, but I’m still curious. WHEN do you find the time to attend “a few parties” with everything else you do? Now I KNOW you don’t sleep!

    4. Dan and Paul will be delighted! Especially Dan, he loves to have visitors haha!
      I do have quite a hectic life, it’s true, but I consider that a blessing. Work hard, play hard, that’s my motto! And try and do a bit of good along the way. I’m just a very lucky girl.

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